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Some of the most common Dishonest Hospital Practices

Did you know?

  • Hospitals now pay for records of your credit card purchases so they can better “understand” your lifestyle choices.

  • Your Doctor’s office standard privacy agreement let’s them store and release your records to government officials when requested.And they don’t even have to notify you when they do. These loosely defended, electronically stored, medical files are often hacked. Usually by freeloaders looking to get something for nothing.

Unscrupulous Pharmaceutical marketing agendas

Did you know?

  • You pay 5x the price for drugs than any other country for the exact same medications.

  • Pharmaceutical companies pay out big bonuses to Doctor’s who prescribe the most drugs.

  • Big Pharma has actually engineered diseases designed to keep you taking medications.

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There’s plenty to be worried about, and without Wellness Covenant... you're out there alone in the biggest scandal of the century... government intrusion in your everyday health.

It’s our covenant ...our pact and promise to you that we’ll keep you informed on all the latest in the attack against your privacy and health from any politically-inspired, or profit-hungry Big Pharmaceutical agendas.


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