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Are YOU on the Government's "Unvaccinated" List?
Vaccines have fallen off the radar since the end of the 2015 measles “outbreaks,” which the media so desperately wanted to call an epidemic. However, just because they're not getting the 24/7 news coverage of last winter doesn't mean we can forget about the issue.
In the past nine months many states quietly introduced pro-vaccine legislation. All was intended to 
remove your rights and further the agenda of mandatory vaccination for one and all. One popular type of bill seeks to tag, track, and marginalize those who choose not to vaccinate.

Using schools to fan the flames

Of the many different tracking trends, the most popular ones use schools to publish the “vaccination status” of students. One type of bill forces schools to publish only the percentage of students up to date on shots. Currently there are no repercussions for “underperforming” schools, but it's no stretch of the imagination to see this happening.
In the next few years, expect to see penalties for schools without a 100% immunization rate. Expect them to lose funding. Expect to see something like the No Child Left Behind Act for vaccines. And expect more and more pressure on families who refuse to submit.
The other type of bill requires schools to notify parents if an unvaccinated child is enrolled. It's easy to see how this could be a serious situation.
None of the bills I've read advocate publishing the names of these kids.
Yet. But neither do they forbid it.
Notification like this is just one step away from naming kids outright. And in small schools, it could be tantamount to publicly announcing identities.
This is scary. When we start naming names, it leaves the door open to letting the community handle the “problem” while those in power look the other way. It opens the door to mob rule. After all, the measles hysteria resulted in threats of violence directed at “anti-vaxxers.” Some also clamored to sue parents of unvaccinated children when those who had been vaccinated got sick.
Do we really think that if schools are required to notify parents about unvaccinated students, that the identities of these kids will stay secret? Do we really think that no one will cave in to pro-vaccine sentiment in the community? That no one will leak the names on the “unvaccinated” list? And do we really think that the result will be anything other than the beginning of the end?

Your medical records aren't yours anymore

An even more disturbing trend is the move to share your medical records without your consent. This should send chills down the spine of each and every one of us. What does this have to do with government lists? It begins with vaccine registries.
While we refused the idea of a national vaccine registry back in the 90s, many individual states now have their own vaccine databases. Currently, state vaccine registries hold the name and vaccine information for residents who've freely agreed to share this information. Most states have an opt-in system. To be included, you must specifically agree to give up your privacy. But in 2015, many states tried to change that. Some even succeeded.
Various states proposed bills infringing your right to medical privacy. They wanted to share your vaccination information. They wanted to share the records of your kids and grandkids. And they wanted to share all this without your permission or even your knowledge. They wanted to completely remove the ability to opt out of vaccine tracking programs.
The bills which openly removed consent met with opposition. However, some bills were more subtle. They quietly changed opt-in programs to opt-out  — without notifying the public. And some states even proposed two separate lists: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.
Segregation is back and it's coming to your town
The idea of a state vaccine registry is appalling enough. That people are willingly giving up their right to priva
cy and making their medical records available to the state is beyond me. But if this is the end result of truly informed consent, it's one thing.
When vaccine tracking is made mandatory, however, it's another. When there's no way to refuse tracking, it's oppressive. And when we then take this mandatory tracking and use it to create two separate lists, there's little doubt what the motive is.
Segregate the unvaccinated.
Marginalize them. Demonize them. And when public sentiment is high enough, take action.
Consider the possibilities.
With the state in possession of a list of those who refuse shots, the possibilities are limitless. You can already lose your job for refusing the flu shot if you work in healthcare. In California it's a requirement for working with kids — and more states are headed in this direction.
With this list in state control, you could someday be denied government benefits. Insurers may refuse to insure you if you refuse vaccines. Doctors may refuse to treat you. Hospitals may turn you away.
California has set a precedent by forcing parents to submit or homeschool. They've also closed a number of professions to those who don't comply. More states will follow.
We're already well on the way to creating a group of second-class citizens. When the state has a list such as this, rest assured it will be used. How long before we're denied employment based on our immunization status? Till we're relegated to certain neighborhoods or types of housing? Taken to the limit, it's a frightening picture.

What can you do?

Whatever you do, make your voice heard.
  • Tell your congress people in no uncertain terms that there is only one person with the right to choose what goes in your body. Only one person with the right to share your medical records, including vaccines. And that person is not a "public health official”. The choice belongs in your hands, and yours alone.
  • Educate yourself. Go to your state's official website and find out just what vaccine legislation is being proposed in your own state. 
  • Make your voice heard. Call your congressman or woman. Write. Email. Give them a piece of your mind — politely of course.
  • And if your state has a vaccine tracking program, opt out.
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