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Move Over GMOs, Lab-Grown Meat is Here
The campaign against red meat has been going on for some time, but really kicked into high gear recently when the World Health Organization declared that red meat “probably” causes cancer. This conclusion was, by their own admission, based on low-quality studies. They also found “limited evidence” that eating it causes cancer in humans. The facts, however, didn’t keep them from publicly putting another nail in the coffin of red meat.
 If GMOs Worry You, this Stuff Should TERRIFY YouWhile I have no quibble with the idea that processed meat may contribute to cancer - it’s full of toxic chemicals - red meat is another story. The studies linking it to cancer and cardiovascular disease are so weak that it seems to be more like wishful thinking on the part of researchers.
The studies showing the benefits are numerous and robust. Yet the efforts to demonize it only grow stronger.
This concerns me deeply. There is obviously an agenda here. And it’s so huge that even Big Agriculture seems powerless to fight it.

The shocking truth: lab-grown meat is already a reality

Remember “Soylent Green”? Well, two years ago scientists in the Netherlands created a burger made from beef grown in a petri dish. At the time, the price tag for a single burger was an incredible $325,000. However, the price has now dropped to about $11 per patty, and its creator has plans to reduce the cost even more. He expects it to be commercially available within the next 5 years.
Vegetarians and vegans are ecstatic, of course. And the “climate change” crowd wants us all eating this new frankenfood as soon as possible. To this end, other groups across the globe are trying to develop lab-grown pork, poultry, and other meats. One group is even trying to find a way to grow boneless chicken breasts without the chicken.
Now, I’m not a fan of factory farming. I believe that many of the problems we have with food today come directly from “modern” farming practices. If our food really is bad for us, it’s a direct result of how we grow it, animals included. But test-tube meat is not the answer. Not only is it a case of playing God, it opens up a whole world of appalling possibilities.

Not a “cruelty-free” solution

The process of growing meat in the lab is fairly straightforward. Cells are “harvested” from a “donor” cow using a punch that removes a small piece of muscle from the animal. The cells which will become the “meat” are taken from this.
They’re put in a container of something called bovine growth serum or B.G.S. The stem cells become muscle cells, which eventually form muscle fibers. The end product, however, isn’t a solid chunk of muscle like a steak or a roast. Instead it’s small strands of muscle fibers. The New York Times described this as “something like a short pink rice noodle.”
 If GMOs Worry You, this Stuff Should TERRIFY YouHere’s something the vegans should know. The medium in which the “muscle” is grown, B.G.S., is about as far from “cruelty-free” as you can get. To make this stuff - which is vital to growing the so-called meat - unborn calves are taken from their pregnant mothers at the slaughterhouse. A needle is inserted into their hearts, and blood is sucked out. No anesthetic is used.
 The collected blood is allowed to clot, then run through a centrifuge. This separates the liquid serum from the solid parts of the blood, and it is this which is used to grow the “meat” we’re expected to eat.
If animal cruelty is a concern, that should put anyone off eating this stuff. But cruelty is only the smallest problem.

“Muscle” is not the same as “meat”

The end product of this mad science experiment is something quite different than what you imagine as meat. This is pure muscle fiber. It has no blood supply. It has no connective tissue. It has no fat. In fact, before it’s eaten it must be “layered together, colored, and mixed with fat.” So if this stuff does come to market we can look forward to artificial colors, added fat, meat glue, and who knows what other additives just to make it palatable.
Test tube meat doesn’t have the nutritional value of real meat either. Not only is it lacking the fat, it’s lacking other nutrients present in real meat. So we can also expect it to be “fortified” with whatever is missing.
So why bother? Why go to all this time and expense when real meat is cheaper and healthier? When there are already “cruelty-free” alternatives for those with ethical concerns? We can already do a pretty good fake meat with existing products like TVP, a soy product used in many meat substitutes. And it’s tastier. So what’s the agenda?
It’s all about controlling the food supply.

If GMOs worry you, this stuff should terrify you

steaksJust imagine: the anti-meat crowd has won. Red meat eaters are now treated like smokers. Red meat isn’t illegal, but it’s insanely expensive, and those who eat it are treated like pariahs. We’re forced to eat our steaks in secret, behind closed doors in our own homes. And even then, out politically correct neighbors complain about the smell. Does this sound far-fetched? It’s not. Britain’s agriculture minister is already publicly pushing for this.
“Cultured” meat - this is the name being pushed for the stuff at the moment - is ok, though. It’s grown in massive meat factories, where the government can carefully monitor the fat and cholesterol levels. They can also genetically alter or otherwise modify it to meet “current nutritional standards.” Nearly everyone eats meat, so it’s also a good way to get people to take those pesky preventative drugs they’ve been so resistant to.  
As unlikely as it sounds, past history has shown us that this scenario is entirely possible. I’ll stick to free-range grass fed beef, thank you.  
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