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Cancer Cure Hidden for Decades
In the 1980s, an American doctor pioneered a cancer treatment that increased patients’ life expectancy by years. Why have you never heard about it? Because Big Medicine set out to silence him.

The drug-free, no-radiation treatment for all cancers

Cancer Cure Hidden for DecadesNick Gonzales didn’t set out to be a cancer doctor. He planned to be a researcher instead. But during med school he met a man who would both change the course of his life and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of cancer patients.
William Kelley wasn’t a cancer doctor either. In fact, he wasn’t even a doctor—he was a dentist. He had, however, been treating “incurable” cancer patients for over 20 years with great success. Patients who had been given only months to live were still alive and well 5, 10, and even 15 years later. His treatment? Nutritional therapy.

From 60 days to live to 8 years or more

Gonzales was intrigued. He tracked down Kelley’s patients and interviewed them. He found that the patients who’d followed Kelley’s treatment program lived an average of eight and a half years. Those who didn’t lived an average of only 60 days. One patient who’d been given six months to live is still alive an amazing 29 years later.
Why had no one ever heard of this incredibly successful treatment?
Because Kelley wasn’t a doctor. Because it didn’t involve drugs or surgery. Because no one took him seriously. So Gonzales set out to change that.

The shocking study you’ll never hear about

Gonzales pored over thousands of Kellley’s cases, and the evidence was unequivocal. The Kelley Treatment worked. Not only did it work, but it used only changes in diet and dietary supplements—no drugs. And…it worked on “incurable” cancers.
He put together a paper detailing the specifics of the Kelly Treatment and case histories showing it worked—but no medical journal would print it. He involved Dr. Robert Good, president of the Sloan-Kettering cancer center, a man with thousands of scientific articles to his name who’d been nominated for a Nobel Prize three times. Still no journal would Cancer Cure Hidden
 for Decadespublish his work. In fact, they wouldn’t even read it.  Because it didn’t involve chemotherapy or radiation, no one would even look at the information.
So Dr. Gonzales started using Kelley’s treatment on his own patients, with remarkable results. Finally, in 1993, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) suggested that he do a small study with pancreatic cancer patients.
Pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers out there. During an earlier study of chemotherapy for this type of cancer, not a single person lived more than 19 months and only 18% lived an entire year. An average one-year survival rate would be amazing. So Gonzales set up a study using a modified version of the Kelley Treatment. The results? In his own words:
"It showed the best results for the treatment of pancreatic cancer in the history of medicine."
All of the patients lived at least two years. Of the 11 people in the study, five lived for two years, four for three, and two for an incredible 5 years.
The National Cancer Institute was so impressed that they decided to fund a large study, to the tune of $1.4 million dollars. And that’s when Big Medicine stepped in.

Lies, deceit, and sabotage—this is Big Medicine when it’s threatened

The study planned to test the Kelley Treatment against conventional medicine. The NCI was at first very excited and supportive, but then something strange happened. The director of the NCI was replaced. All of the people involved with the study were taken off the project. When Dr. Gonzales tried to contact them, he was told they’d be fired if they talked to him. And things just went downhill from there.
Cancer Cure Hidden for DecadesSince the Kelley Treatment is a nutritional program, patients must be able to eat. If they can’t eat, they can’t do the treatment. They also have to follow the program at home, so they have to still be well enough to care for themselves. But a year or so into the study, the chief investigator—the man in control of the entire study—began to enroll patients who couldn’t eat. Patients who couldn’t care for themselves. Even patients who were mentally unstable. Patients who were, in short, already too sick to do the treatment. Some actually died before they could even begin treatment.
Of course, in the world of the scientific study, these patients were considered failures even though they were unable to do the treatment at all. 
Gonzales was being set up.

Big Government supports Big Medicine, not your health

Unknown to Dr. Gonzales, the chief investigator had developed his own chemotherapy protocol, and Gonzales’ study was just one more way to discredit any treatment that didn’t involve Big Pharma. Using patients who were too sick to do the Kelley Treatment and listing them as failures made sure that chemotherapy was the winner. And these study results did make it into the medical journals.
When an investigation found there had indeed been fraud and deceit during the study, those findings were quietly filed away. There was no retraction of journal articles. No news headlines. It was as if the investigation had never happened. Chemotherapy won, Dr. Gonzales was labeled a quack even though the investigation vindicated him, and the Kelley Treatment faded into medical obscurity.
Cancer Cure Hidden for DecadesDr. Gonzales still practices medicine. He still treats patients using a modified version of the Kelley Treatment. For those in New York and others who are able to travel there for treatment, his protocol is nothing short of miraculous. But Big Medicine has made sure that this promising treatment will never be offered to the average patient.
We’ll be seeing more of this, as the new rules for approving drugs go into effect. The 21st Century Cures Act says cancer treatment is one of its priorities, but I guarantee it won’t take a second look at this groundbreaking treatment—or any other that isn’t Big Pharma-approved.
So even more dangerous drugs will hit the market. They’ll be approved in half the normal time, with far less evidence then there was for this incredible treatment. Meanwhile, “alternative” therapies like this will be held to ever more stringent standards and will never see the light of day. Because, as the story above proves, it’s not about cures. It’s about filling Pharma pockets at the expense of our health and our very lives.
Hold onto your hats, folks. It’s going to be a wild ride for the next few years. 
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